Market Garden Project West Cork

The overall spec for this project was to create market garden on a 3/4 acre site that would sit aesthetically within the surrounding area and the existing 6 acres of gardens on a private property in west cork. The gardens would produce a variety of food for the residence of the property and also for a local cafe/cookery school.

The site was completely cleared and drains were put in where necessary. Three 15m x 9m poly tunnels erected to maximise food production. Twenty 3m x 1.5m raised beds and a 15m x 20m tilled area were then added along with a soft fruit area. A herb border then enclosed the raised bed area and fruit trees were planted along the boundary of the site. Foot paths and a road were created between beds and the tunnels and a 10m x 3m glass house was placed near the entrance. The Garden was set up using organic principles. Work began in June and the gardens were in production the following Spring.