Build a Cob Oven

cob-oven-01There is nothing more satisfactory than freshly baked bread or a delicious stone baked pizza from a wood fired Cob oven. Cob is a natural building material made from clay, sand, and straw. Back to Basics has been teaching courses and building wood fired cob ovens all over Ireland for the past five years. Check out or photos to see the ovens we have created so far. We build ovens privately and we also run courses to teach people this old traditional craft. We keep our participants numbers on our courses to a maximum of six to allow greater emphasis on one to one teaching, making sure all participants take part in all aspects of the construction of the oven so they can leave the course with the knowledge and confidence to create their very own wood fired cob oven. Over a weekend, participants will learn how to construct a wood fired pizza/bread oven using cob covering all aspects of construction, from stone base to the finished plaster.